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This year's Quest Champions and Questmasters 1T8 are Oscar, Wendy, and Yuming of "FifteenCharacte"!
Act 3 is now entirely accessible. Check it out here!

Godiva's Quest 1T7 Banner

The age-old tradition of solving puzzles in pursuit of fame, glory, and some patches.
Anyone may attempt the Quest, but it takes ingenuity and perseverance to become the Quest Champion...
will it be you?

Embark on the Quest here.

David Boroto and Hema Nookala dance in front of the crowd at Pre-F!rosh 1T6

Mr. Blue & Gold and Godiva's Crown

Time's almost up for this pant-dropping, heel-clicking duo!

Learn more about Skule's #1 hype squad as Dave and Hema reflect back on an exciting year.