Godiva Week is a week-long celebration at Skule in the spirit of Lady Godiva, the patron saint of engineering.

Organized by the Blue & Gold Committee, Godiva Week festivities include various engineering traditions and events including many charity elements.

All proceeds from charity events will benefit Girls Inc.!

Learn more about some key events below.

Evan Boyce drums on the coffin held by BFC Ministers.

Godiva's Resurrection

The official start of Godiva Week is marked by the presentation of coffin holding the spirit of Lady Godiva and the reading of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

David Boroto and Hema Nookala as Mr. B&G and Godiva's Crown at the Godiva's Crown competition 1T6.

Mr. Blue & Gold and Godiva's Crown Competitions

Mr. Blue & Gold and Godiva's Crown are two of the principal figures of Skule spirit.

During the competitions, each contestant must perform a creative act for a panel of judges and the reigning Mr. Blue & Gold or Godiva's Crown.

At the request of any Skulemate, Mr. Blue & Gold must drop his pants and Godiva's Crown must click her heels and yell her name (e.g. Queen of Spades).

Skule Legacy Tour

What better time to learn about SKULE than Godiva Week?! One of the rarest libraries in Canada is giving you a chance to look at some of their most prized possessions of history of engineering at University of Toronto.

Start off your Godiva Week by looking at Haultain's ritual ring, Galbraith's notebook and much more!

Contestants battle it out for the title of Ultimate F!rosh

Ultimate F!rosh

The title of Ultimate F!rosh is given to the first year student who successfully compeletes a series of callenges determined by the previous year's Ultimate F!rosh.

The winning F!rosh must swear an oath to jump up and down on command until a successor is chosen during the following Godiva Week.

Contestants show off their decorated hardhats

Hardhat Decorating Contest

During the contest, F!rosh are asked to showcase their creatively decorated yellow hardhats.

A winner is chosen by a panel of previous competition finalists.

Students prepare themselves for the race

Ye Grande Olde Chariot Race

In the oldest tradition of Godiva Week (over 100 years old!), disciplines race againts each other in a full-contact race around Front Campus. Traditionally, the F!rosh compete as their own team.

The J.P. Potts Memorial Trophy is awarded to the winning discipline club for the year. Godiva Week 1T6 saw the introduction of the S.F. Planters Award, presented to the most spirited discipline.

Check out the official rules here!

Reena prepares to out-eat her opponents

Eating Contest

Contestants battle it out in a show of intestinal fortitude.

A group of students enjoying their date with members of the BFC

Charity Auction

Members of the Skule community are given the opportunity to bid on dates or mystery boxes donated by prominent members of the Skule community.

All proceeds will go to Girls Inc.!

Past EngSoc President Teresa uses the Waterloo tool to smash into the back window

Charity Car Smash

Skuligans bid on the chance to demolish a car with a variety of instruments.

All proceeds will also go to Girls Inc.!

Ex-D(r)umb Majur Andrew presents the contestants with a question


A jeopardy-style gameshow open only to F!rosh tests their problem-solving abilities.

You guys know Calculus, right?

The coffin containing Lady Godiva's spirit is burned

Godiva's Wake

The official end to Godiva Week is marked by a wake for Lady Godiva.